Monday, December 20, 2010

Copics + Candles

Last week I did a few art days with some children, teenagers and on Friday I decided to get the teenagers to make some candles... This is such a fun project!!

Here was my quick example to show them how to do it...

and THEN the girls far surpassed me with their gorgeous creations... The photo was taken on my iphone so not too brilliant.

Now If you've never been shown/ told then you might wonder how to do this??

1. Stamp your image onto tissue paper
2. colour your image... you cannot blend as well as on the proper CS so make sue you use Natural blending families for your blending attempts!
3. cut out around the image or wrap full sheet of tissue paper (cut to size of candle) around candle...
4. then wrap some greaseproof paper around on top
5. use a heat gun to set the tissue paper/ image to the candle!


Emma said...

Those candles look Fantastic Sammi, you did an awesome job teaching! I haven't done this before, I think I might give it a go with Ella over the holidys!

Alicia said...

WOWWW! They look amazing!
Alicia xx

Annette Bowes said...

These are fantastic Sammi! Just got to give this a go! Your girls have done a fantastic job, take careX:)

Wirg's Creative World said...

This is fabulous. I've done candles like this over the years and they've always been very well loved by who ever receives them.