Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's tips - on the Colourless Blender

OK... I'm a little late today but just popping on here to give you a bit of a run down on the Colourless blender... First of all I just want to remind everyone that the name is a bit misleading as this marker is different to other "blender pens" ... What the Copic Colourless blender does is to rewet areas and move the dye from the other colours already laid down.
It lightens, pushes and fades to white ... There is a great post from Marianne Walker HERE

Here is an image showing some examples of having used the colourless blender ...
I have used Mermaid Anya - from The Greeting Farm (Great news... she is going to be available through Mad for Markers VERY soon! Yipee!)

Techniques used:
* Add highlights - such as on her cheeks (purple haired Anya)

* lighten areas - eg. her bikini top, the top of her tail scales and a little bit in her hair (Brunette)

* special effects - such as adding the scales... hold the marker down onto the coloured area the way you hold the nib + which nib you use allows for different effects and patterns. The drier your work is before you use the blender the crisper your line will be. This also varies for different paper types.

* fix mistakes - I have done this in a couple of spots.. using my chisel tip to push the colour back over the lines.. as you can see I should do this a little more as well!

Other names I've heard people use for the Blender once they realised it's potential....
Colour pusher, Clear marker, mistake pen, Eraser ... have you heard any others??


angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
thank you so much for this tip
i just love the effects
hugs angelique

Annette Bowes said...

Thank you for the reminders Sammi! Take CareX:)

Anonymous said...

oooh methinks I need one of those now hehee!

Wirg's Creative World 2011 said...

My colourless blender pen is my best friend! LOL, it's amazing the effects you can get using it for sure. I some times call it my 'oops' pen, coz yeah, I go outside the lines too Sammi. x x x