Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting DT member....

Where are you from?

I am from South Australia originally, but I have moved around so much I don’t really feel like I have a home base. 4 years is the longest I have lived in any house.

Tell us something interesting about you?
My working career was wide and varied. I have worked as a deck hand on shark boats and prawn trawlers and I have also been a Sales executive for Cadbury’s in Sydney.

How long have you been Mad for Markers?
I have been with M4M for a few months now and I am absolutely loving it. My colouring skills have really improved during my time on the team thanks to the inspiration from my team mates.

What was your first collection of markers?
the skin colours E00, E000 and E11 ( and R20 for blush) were my very first markers.

If you were a Copic what colour would you be - can be existing or made up!
That would have to be R83.

What/ Who inspires you?
The crafting community at large inspires me. There are so many talented people out there.

What do you like to colour?
Anything!! Some of my favourite images though are from Mo’s Digital Pencil, Meljens Designs and Kenny K
What colour can't you use/ do you not like using?
Blacks and Reds always give me trouble.

Are there any colours still on your wishlist?
Only the 300 or so colours that I don’t have lol.

What is your favourite technique?
I still consider myself to be a novice and I’m not sure I have mastered any technique yet but I am really enjoying learning.

What do you like to listen to while colouring? Usually the telly in the background.

What do you snack on while colouring?
Eeek, no food when colouring!!

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