Tuesday, April 5, 2011

talking about the weekend!

Hello everyone!! We are back!!!! It took us all day yesterday to make it back to Sydney FROM Melbourne.. but we made it.. and now the fun of unpacking, stocktaking and replenishing.. going to be busy times here!!

Chris did a lovely post on the weekend but I just thought I would share some more news and photos on here of Paperific... I will post them all up on our facebook page as well!

The weekend was GREAT! it was lovely to spend time with lots of lovely crafting buddies.. to meet new friends and finally see OLD blogging friends IRL.. Awesome to see people come back who we met at Paperific last year and to also meet new customers, great to put faces to names for facebook friends and customers! And of course it was wonderful to be able to enable others to build their Copic and stamping collections!! :D

Now time for some photos....

The piles of stock and racks to take (along our living room wall)

Our stall ... went from this
(starting set up process in an attractive yellow safety vest)...

to this!! All set up and ready for the onslaught on Friday morning!!

It was GREAT to have Trace join us on the stall again with her wonderful Stamp company - Spesch Stamps!! It was a pleasure to have her there the whole weekend!! THANKS Trace you are a legend!!! :D Here is a picture of Tracey, myself and my amazing hubby Guy - I was so pleased that Guy could share the experience of Paperific with me.. and it was just awesome to have him there all the way... He did a fabulous job keeping the till working through most of the weekend as well as so many other things to numerous to mention!!

I was so excited to FINALLY meet my good friend Marcia... It has been such a pleasure to work alongside Marcia with the partnership we had with her "old store" The Stamp Spot and this store! We've had many emails, messages, phone chats and then this weekend we finally got to meet in real life and hang out together YAY!!


yummy colours!!!

+ more yummy colours!

a view looking down at the stall!!

Our lovely Purple Pommie DT / friend - Annette joined us again with her cheerful smile and wonderful sales skills!! It was a delight to have her with us on Friday and Saturday!!

It was also great to have her daughter come and help on Saturday... Below is a picture of the fluoro loving, Queen of the Spicas, Rosanna helping to draw in the crowds - She also did a great job demo'ing some colouring and masking/ airbrushing!

Our very own Crafty Mummy of Five - Emma came along on the Friday.. with 3 of her precious little ones in tow... Here she is demo'ing for us.... pram and twins in tow!

Chris and Emma having a chat!

It was wonderful to have drop in visitors, shoppers, DTers... Here is a pic of Annette and I with DT Cassie (left) and GDT Honor (right) - It was VERY LOVELY to meet these gorgeous girls and their crafting buddies too!!

I was also thrilled to once again see the gorgeous Debbie P!! And it was fun to meet Kellie and Kristy in real life finally too!! L-R: Kellie, Kristy, Debbie, Me, Tracey

Here is a piccy of Tracey and Marcia! the four of us (T, M, Guy and I) went out to dinner together on Sat night which was very lovely!!
And now for a photo of our Saturday girly gang.... Mary, Me (Sammi), Marcia, Tracey, Annette and Rosanna!!

It was so great to have the lovely Mary come along on Saturday to help on the stall... she was an absolute champion and a total sales whiz! THANKS Mary!!! :D

I also got to see the lovely ladies from Flourish with a Bling again... yup... we met them at the last Paperific and now I stock some of their range of gorgeous bling in store (I stole this piccy off their blog!!)

Em popped back in on Sunday with her oldest daughter.. and as it was quiet on Sunday we got to chat and catch up which was great!! :D Here is a pic of Emma, Me and Trace!!
And there you have it... more photos will be up on Facebook for your viewing pleasure...

a couple of things to let you know!!

* We launched a little colouring book - Colouring Hair and Skin - which has different combinations of examples of different coloured hair/ skin, with black and white versions for you to try colouring (These will be listed in store as soon as we get some more made - they all sold out!!)

* We will also have available posters of the same!

* We had a lot of fun airbrushing chipboard from Twiddley Bitz and will have some fun news related to this to announce SOON!!!

*new release stamps from The Greeting Farm are now available in store - Syren, WS Daisy and Surfer Anya ... If you would like to order a copy of the Creepin Kit please let me know and I'll order it in for you!!!


Maggie said...

Fab pics Sammi:-) and you were very welcome to steal the pic of all of us together from our blog:-)

Hope it was a successful trip and we look forward to seeing you at the next expo...are you going to Brisbane in June?

Happy stamping:-) XX Maggie and the FWAB team

Annette Bowes said...

He He don't those photos show what a FANTASTIC WONDERFUL FUN time we all had, whilst working lol! Rosanna and I look forward to meeting up again! Here's to the next show lol! Take CareX:)

mary said...

it was great to help out, thanks sammi :-)

Alicia said...

Looks like you girls had an amazing time!! I wish i could have been there to share in the fun!
Alicia xx