Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colouring embellishments

Good morning, Thought I would share a card that I made to promote the current challenge we have going on HERE which is to COLOUR EMBELLISHMENTS ... easy right!! If you've never tried now is the time!!! Ok, firstly here is my card...

The important thing I want to show you was these bits....
a coloured charm - I used R46 on a silver heart charm!!

and the coloured buttons... I used R46 again on these white buttons..

Now to colour these embellishments I used my marker directly onto them... which makes it a bit more streaky... to get an even nicer cover you can airbrush them... but I just wanted to show that you can also do it directly with your markers for those who do not have an ABS yet!

Some tip for colouring embellishments
- when colouring small'ish bits... use some double sided tape on scrap paper so that the object you wish to cover does not move around all over the place!
- keep some hand sanitiser handy as it can get pretty messy.
- shiny surfaces will take longer to dry/ will remain tacky for a long time!
- you can touch it up once it's stuck down on your creation... just be careful not to get the colour elsewhere when doing so!

some links on colouring embellishments:
Kylie (ex DT at M4M) on Embellishing embellishments
Debra (at Copic Oz) on Colouring Embellishments

Don't be too scared.. but worried about what might harm your nibs?? Check out this post by the guru Marianne Walker - HERE!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful information, thanks so much.

Sue Darch said...

Sometimes the easiest way to achieve a different look, is so easy you don't think of trying it! Thanks for the tips, keep them coming......