Thursday, March 28, 2013

I've been working on a NEW BOOK

This one is not a colouring book as much as an information/ instruction book... containing info and techniques I thought would be handy for beginner level Copic colourers ... Although it's useful for all of us to go back to basics sometimes lol! :D

I made a quick SPEED VIDEO showing all the techniques in the book... this image is shown at the back of the book to summarise the different techniques .. so I guess it's like a SNEAK PEEK!!

It's just another of my "self printed" books - which enables the cost to remain affordable!! :)

The book will be available in the M4M store on the 5th April as a PDF and as a hard copy book at the Penrith Papercrafts show. Once the show is over it will also be available to order in hard copy through the store! :D

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Jac said...

Looks awesome Sammi, love watching you colour, good luck with the new book xx