Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Copic FAQ + refilling Copic tutorial

Disclaimer - I am not Copic certified (although I do hope to be one day) all I know about Copics has been picked up through my blogging and internet surfing.... see links below.

Can I refill my markers??
All copic marker types are refillable with replaceable tips (original, sketch and ciao)

How do I refill my markers?
you will need Ink refills/reinkers. These bottles hold 20cc's of ink... Ciao's need 1-1.5cc's if ink to refill and sketches need 2cc's ... empty bottles are available for mixing your own colours.
You can refill markers by taking the tip off and dripping the ink into the marker (youtube video below) or using the booster needle.

Which markers should I get?? ... Sketches or Ciaos?
It's a personal preference really - but here's some info to help you out...
Ciaos are round and come with a Super brush nib and a medium broad nib (chisel) there are 144 colours and they can't be used in the airbrush system... they hold less ink and are a bit cheaper.

Sketches are more oval/ flatter and come with the same nibs as the Ciao(a Super brush nib and a medium broad (chisel) nib). there are 322 colours and they are compatible with the airbrush system.
(The other option if you want to colour in tiny areas is the original marker as it has the small tip - but is harder to blend with)

Do I have to store them a special way??
Copic markers do not have to lie flat (unlike other markers eg. SU/CM) you can store them upright in containers or lie them down flat.
NB... The pressure in your pens could change if you take them on a plane (and use them) - the best way to fix it is to take both lids off and allow the ink to equalise.

What do the numbers and letters mean???
The letter is the colour family... (B = blue, BV = blue violet, R=red, E=Earth etc)
first number is the colour saturation. the 10s, 20s, 30s will be more vibrant and the 70s, 80s, 90s will be more grey toned. E markers are a bit of an exception.
last number tells you how dark it will be with 0 the lightest to 9 the darkest.

Please tell me about the Blender pen - is not so much a blender as a colour pusher.... used for fixing mistakes, making colours lighter (removing the colour) ... + some extra special effects

What are the other pens Copic makes??
Multiliners - these are fine tip pens in a variety of sizes from 0.03-1.0mm.
*amended to add* Colours available are Black, Gray and Sepia)*

The Muliliner SP pens (in black) are refillable with replaceable tips.
they can be used with your Copic markers and should not bleed (once dried / on appropriate paper).

Spica Glitter Pens - also called atyou Spica pens. These are lovely pens to add some sparkle to your work. apparently these should be stored flat as they contain micro glass flakes ... if they give you trouble try storing them point down overnite.

What type of Cardstock should I use?
You need a high quality CS - that does not suck up all the ink while you work.
The best I've found is the Neenah Classic Crest Solar White and now the Xpress IT's Copic blending card.

What about Ink? - Memento Ink is the best available .... DO NOT use Stazon ink as it will bleed and damage your marker tip (and you will need to replace it).

TIP >>>> It's a good idea to print out a chart of the different Copic colours (on the CS you will be using) and colour in the colours you have - that way you can see what the colours look like and match it to your DP etc... You can download a blank colour chart HERE

For more info and FAQ on Copics try the Copic Australia site
Other sites I have found helpful in learning about how to use Copics....
I Like Markers - Marianne Walker
Pretty Pressings - Claudia
You tube videos by Suzanne Dean


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