Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making your own custom colours

Good morning my Copic lovers. Hope you are all well. It is Tracey here with a photo Tutorial on how to make your own custom colours with Copic markers.

Some of you may have noticed that there are some colour families that have a big gap in between colours - for example RV and G. The first photo below shows you the big differences. As you can buy ink refills for most colours and you can also purchase your own empty markers, than making your own custom colours is very easy.

You will need:
- Empty Copic sketch marker/s
- Ink refills of the colours you would like to mix to make you colour.

I decided to make my own RV custom colour as there is a huge difference in colour between RV25 and RV29 - see below photo.
Grab one of your empty markers like so - take off both caps on each end. Take out the chisel end (the end at the top of photo).
With your ink refills drop 3 drops of one colour in, then you drop 3 drops of the other colour and you alternate each colour.

Keep doing the drops until it starts to do this. Then I just put one drop at a time.
As you can see the brush tip is now nice and juicy with colour.
As you can see below I have now made my custom colour - however I will add that it is not as light in colour as I was hoping. This technique is trial and error. You may not be happy with the first result. Keep at it as you will get the colour you are looking for. Now I have to wait for my 'RV27' to run out so I can try again. Next time I will put more of the RV25 in than the RV29.
I did the same with G24 and G28.
This turned out better than the RV mix. I have called it G26.
I took the caps off both ends and coloured them in so I know what colour they are.
Make sure you lay the markers down so the ink distributes evenly through the marker.

Another way to make your custom colours is to buy yourself an empty ink refill bottle and put the ink in there first. You will probably use a lot more ink but you don't have to fill the whole bottle - that way you will have the same colour the whole time. Make sure you write down how much ink you have put in the bottle of each colour.

TIP: If you get ink on your hands use Sanitising Hand Gel - the alcohol content in the gel wipes off the ink.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Until next time.



Anonymous said...

Very informative. Thanks:)

Annette Bowes said...

Loved the tutorial Tracey, as Bee said very informative, thank you, take careX:)

Karen said...

COOL thanks for sharing Tracey!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the Tutorial Tracey.
Sue x

Wendy ten Hove said...

Wow, these pictures show it all! Thank you for making such a very clear tutorial, can't miss on this one now! And a very good tip, because, yes, there are some colors 'missing'! Thank you and a fabulous day to you!
Love, Wendy

Kreativmonster said...

Thank you very much for this tutorial. I am still a beginner with Copics and still buying some of them time by time, but there are several colour where I missed a "middle-tone", so I will certainly try your workshop.