Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rising Waters flood appeal

Watching the TV updates and reading facebook updates I cannot believe the devastation caused by the floods... it's just horrific..

Tonight I found Sharryn's blog Rising Waters Flood appeal for crafters - she is organising a 'Memory Gift' blog for the flood victims - many of whom have have lost their homes, their businesses and some have even lost their loved ones :( Once the floods recede they are going to have to face the destroyed remnants/ carnage and as Sharryn says ...

" I'd like to think that we, as crafters, can do something that might bring a smile back to their faces and let them know that as Australians we are here to support our own."

You can read more on the Rising Waters blog HERE

at Mad for Markers we think this is a great way to offer a little bit of light into a dark time.. and we would like to encourage you to make something.. a card or a layout as such we are going to offer a surprise pack of Copics to a random person who contributes to this appeal. If you like you can send your creation to us (to send on).

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected!!! xxx

Link up your name below once you have contributed!!


Annette Bowes said...

Wonderful, thoughtful idea Sammi! Will post on my blog this week, take careX:)

Sharryn Thomson said...

Thank you so much Sammi I truly appreciate it.
Sharryn xx