Friday, June 24, 2011

Copical blog hop

Good morning everyone, Thanks for tuning in at Mad for Markers Friday Funday... today is particularly fun as we have a big Copical blog hop happening... We are excited today to be hopping around the blogworld with bloggers from all over the world who have one big thing in common ..... we all LOVE colouring with COPICS!

If you have hopped along and just came from Jan's blog you are at the last stop now! yay! Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous Copical creations from all the participants :) If you have not yet hopped then hop on now to Sammi's personal blog to start off!!

If you missed any links along the way.. here is the whole list of Mad for Markers Copical hop blogs....

Mad for Markers blog {{you are here!}}

Now that you have finished the hop .. we would love your input... The bloggers in the hop have done a wonderful job and so there are going to be some prizes... please let us know in the comments below who your choices are for your favourite card in these categories....

1. Colouring embellishments.
2. using a Greeting Farm image
3. using a Spesch Stamps image
4. Colouring brown hair

Also... hoppers who vote and leave comments along the hop will be in the draw to receive prizes... Each prize will consist of one item...Here's a list of what will be offered up for prizes...

Copical bloggers - Ahoy Matey TGF stamp set, pack of rhinestones,
- gift voucher to Spesch, pack of Xpress IT card
Hoppers - Creeper Thursday, Xpress Paper, set of 3 spica pens, Spesch digi of choice

The hop will remain open for a week ... with winners being announced next Friday Funday! Thanks for playing along and Have a lovely colourful day!


Sue said...

I have enjoyed looking at theses bloggers and they are all very talented ladies.
I have chosen Ashlee for colouring ( 4) and greeting Card image

I love the Spesch stamp used by Downright Crafty

I love the greeting farm image used by Janet..

So hard to choose a single person they are all so well done

Honor said...

Oh Sammi, how can you expect us to choose just one !! They are all amazing. I did have trouble commenting on all the blogs :( ... I seem to be having some issues with my blogger .... grrr.
Anyway, I love Alicia's colouring of her ribbons in the flowers, and Ashlee's Greeting Farm image (so simple and cute). Kate's card is awesome, and I love her brown hair. My fav Spesh image would have to be Hazel's "Max" - he is adorable. Hugs Honor x

ChickieChirps said...

Great blog hop Sammi!


downrightcrafty said...

Thought all creations were fabulous and loved all the colouring so inspirational but may be visiting Jan a few more times as her colouring blew me away
Hugs Kate xx

Leanne said...

First off, I'm sorry for posting so late. I thought I had the time down correctly, but I was way off! I hope I didn't disrupt the hop too much. :/
Secondly, thank you for letting me be a part of this. I had so much fun using the Spesch image, that I am going back for more. It was amazing to see so many TGF images as well as a few of the other stamps as well. I am looking to purchase some others because of the hop. Especially after seeing all the other posts. Gorgeous jobs on all the blogs. I am a fan!! Thank you again Sammi!!

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the great inspiration I had to go back and look again. I had some issues commenting too, but I'm new to this so maybe I was doing something wrong. Anyway these are my pics in each category:
1. Colouring embelishments - Kate.
2. Using a Greeting Farm Image - Alicia.
3. Using a Spesch Stamp image - Hazel.
4. Colouring brown hair - Leanne.
Thanks again

Carol Dee said...

This was fun. I will vote for:
colored embelishes - Alicia
Greeting Farm image - Alicia
Speth Image - LeAnne
Brown hair - Alicia

Happy Hopping Hugs...

Jac said...

Fantastic hop, very inspirational and now for the hard bit

embellishments ~ Kate
TGF image ~ Hazel
Spesch Stamps image ~ Leanne
Brown hair ~ Leanne

And boy was that hard they were all totally fabulous makes, well done ladies and thank you.

Carly said...

WOW .. how much fun was that ... I'm a little green (G05 Copic green) with envy .... such gorgeous creations.

1. Colouring embellishments - Kate!
2. Greeting Farm Image - Ashlee (this image reminds me of my niece!)
3.Spesch stamp image - Ashlee again .. love this image and how she has coloured it.
4. Brown Hair - Janet .. I love the highlights and the light colour of the hair.

All of the creations were spectacular ... thankyou all for sharing.

marion82 said...

all cards were amazing but need to do some voting!!
1. Colouring embellishments.~ Kate
2. using a Greeting Farm image~ Hazel
3. using a Spesch Stamps image~ Hazel
4. Colouring brown hair~Hazel

The altered greeting farm image was beyond WOW!!!
all the creations were amazing and so inspiring!! thank u

...just Barbara said...

I loved Arabella's card with the lace and vintage buttons. She has my vote for coloring brown hair - wonderful job!

montygonza said...

Hi great blog hop, I love there wasn't a list at the begining that you had to go to each blog to get the next. Wonderful cards my vote is.
1. Alicia
3. ashlee
4. Leanne

Gwen said...

Coloring brown hair-Leanne
Greeting Farm-Ashlee's pink/purple girl
Spesch's Max-Hazel

kai-cee said...

wow, well done everyone you all have done a wonderfull job, and i have enjoyed looking at all the creative cards.

All my votes are for Ashlee
1-colouring embelishments-Ashlee
2-using a greeting farm image- ashlee
3-using spesch-Ashlee
3-colouring brown hair-Ashlee

kai-cee said...

wow, well done everyone you all have done a wonderfull job, and i have enjoyed looking at all the creative cards.

All my votes are for Ashlee
1-colouring embelishments-Ashlee
2-using a greeting farm image- ashlee
3-using spesch-Ashlee
3-colouring brown hair-Ashlee

ashlee said...

Awesome work by all the girls in the hop... I have checked out everyones work and they all look great, thanks for putting on the hop Sammi :-) hugs Ashlee

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

1. Colouring embellishments - Hazel
3. using a Spesch Stamps image - Ashlee
4. Colouring hair - Arabella/Chickie Chirps

Kath said...

1-colouring embelishments-Kate
2-using a greeting farm image- Hazel
3-using spesch-Hazel
4-colouring brown hair-Leanne