Tuesday, December 13, 2016

this Santa is too sexy...

Good evening,

Today we have a great image from Susannah to share...

"As it draws closer and closer to Christmas the hotter and hotter it is getting. So instead of drawing the typical Santa Claus in a big red suit and a sleigh I drew a somewhat Australia representation of what Christmas looks like for all the people who don't get the "white" Christmas"

Colours I used:
Skin: E00, E02, E31, E23, BV23
Hat & Shorts: R43, R46, R56, BV23, C3
Shoes & Belt: BV23, BV25, BV29
Buckle: Y11, Y15, Y19
Hair: Y11, Y13, Y17, Y18,
Board: Y15, Y17, Y19, BG23, BG05, BG07, G05, G07, B09, C3
Sand: YR02, Y15, Y17, E31, E34, E43
Ocean: B21, B23, BG32, B91, B93, 
Sky: B91

Cup: V91, V93, V95, V99.

Thanks for stopping by. See more of Susannah's creations on her blog here

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