Monday, March 22, 2010

Mad for Markers website is live!!! :D

Mad for Markers

YAY! The website went up last night!!!

A Huge Thanks to Shell Barnard for designing the website .. including all the banners and blinkies. I love it!!

and a Huge Thanks to my wonderful DH, Guy for not only helping enter lots of data the first time but staying up last night/ this morning to re-enter it all with me when I deleted the Copic Marker section by mistake!


Jackie Thomas said...

Your blinkies and banners look amazing. What a wonderful hubby you have. Oh I could only imagine how you must have felt when you realised that you had deleted the copic marker section. Have a wonderful day. xo Jackie

Robyn said...

Fabulous website Sammi, look forward to further shopping with you.

Farm Girl said...

congrats! It looks AMAZING Sammi :)