Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday feature spot on....

Where are you from?
Originally from a small country town out West, but now residing in Coffs Harbour.

How long have you been Mad for Markers?
August last year I got my first set but the Madness started well before that when I saw all the awesome things people did with them!

What was your first collection of markers?
The Set of 36C from M4M! Still the only ones I have!

If you were a Copic what colour would you be?
Cerise - RV06... Its a bright fluro pink thats kinda loud and stands out... but that doesn't say a thing about me really, lol.

What/ who inspires you?
Oh my who doesn't!? but specifically everyone on my blogroll. They are all amazing, not just craftwise but on a personal level of overcoming things in their lives and having such great attitudes in life even through the bad, which really helps me in my attitude in life and inspiration in craft!

What do you like to colour?
"People" Stamps really makes me feel accomplished when I can say, that looks kind of realistic lol.

What is your favourite colour combination?
I like Greens and Yellows, Purples and Blues, Red and Blue... I'm still not all that familiar with the codes and tend to just grab whatever takes my fancy at the time.

any thing else you would like to tell us?
Thanks for sharing about me and my cards even though I consider myself a clumsy crafter who is still an amateur with copics! (ed. Thanks for sharing with us Annmaree .. .your work does not look clumsy to us.. and we all start in the same place)

Here are some of AnnMaree's lovely creations... check out her blog to see more!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Sammi, I appreaciate it!


Jess said...

woohoo! Go Annmaree! Annmaree is one of my favourite aussie crafters, and she blows me away with her colouring!

Cheryl said...

Yeahhhh Annmaree,your work is always GORGEOUS and your posts are a pleasure to read!!! I am so glad we have met and hope to see you again soon.

Michelle H. said...

Big Congrats, Annmaree!
So well deserved!!
Your coloring is amazing you are so talented!!

Michelle said...

Well done Annmaree

Your cards look fantastic!!

Michelle :-)

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

That's my girl! Way to go!!! :)