Thursday, February 17, 2011

Posting from my iPhone .. Update to Thursdays fun

Hello Copic lovers and other readers,

Just an update to let you all know the stamped image swap will not go ahead.

I apologise ... It was not my intention to promote or condone image theft and this was merely an attempt at a bit of fun.

Whilst people would stamp 10 of one image, recipients would only receive back one of each different image ... Giving people a way to test out an image in a way I guess.

I was not aware stamp companies did not like this happening with rubber stamps. I had in the past taken part in image swaps on SCS and this made me want to buy stamps like I had received in the swap and wanted to colour more of. So I only imagined it would be good advertisement for them.

My new fun will be to give away one of my own hand drawn doodles to those who email requesting it... And then you could come back here and share your creation with my little doodle so we can all come and have a look.


Therese said...

Hi Sammi
I'd LOVE to get one of your hand drawn doodles to colour and use on a card.
While I understand people's concerns, I viewed the image swap in the same way as you.
Hugs to you, and shame on those who attack without knowing your pure motives.
Hugs precious girl xxxx

Honor said...

Hi Sammi,
What a shame the image swap is not going ahead. It would have been a great way to "test" other stamps that I haven't been exposed to, with the possibility of buying what I liked.
Anyway, that said, I'd LOVE one of your hand drawn doodles, and can't wait to create with it.
Big hugs
Honor xo

Kelvin & Melissa said...

Hi Sammi
Me too, I would love to create using something you have drawn.
I also viewed the swap as the way it was intended. I know I have bought may stamps due to the 'must' have factor after these sorts of swaps.
Hope you are ok

Tricia :O) said...

Bummer!! Loved the idea of a stamp image swap to try something different before purchasing!!! I'd also love one of your hand drawn doodles, and thankyou for trying something new. Hugs Tricia.

Jean McKenzie said...

Ohhh I was really looking forward to joining in the swap too! I have joined in many many image swaps over the years - so much fun! I would love one of your drawings Sammi - not sure I will be able to do justice to it as I am not confident with using my markers at all but I will try!

Annette Bowes said...

Oh Sammi, there sure are some narrow minded people about! This was a fantastic idea and going to be lots of fun, as many of the lovely ladies above have said and it often leads to more sales of the Companies images! There loss! Now who wouldn't loooove a Sammi doodle! We shall just have to have a Sammi Doodle Party, hugs and take careX:)

cg said...

Too bad! I understand copyright concerns, but sometimes the rules are rough for creative types. I know my mom has issues with this, as she and her church group make hundreds of cards, but legally she's not supposed to copy to "share" her stamps.
Maybe we can do a digi stamp trade, like you suggested. As long as the actual artists are involved, we should be good!
Great diea tho!

Anonymous said...

aw sorry to hear, I've often shared images with friends back and forth, and yep its always made me ask about certain ones that I've loved and sought them out to buy.

Hope people weren't too mean to you about this, not fair if they were cos I can't imagine everyone hasn't done it as some point between friends at least!

Karen said...

Thats a real blow! I wish people would just take things like this at face value, and not read more into them than is there in the first place!
I love stamps, and often by just cruising blogs etc I see stamps I like, so go searching ... your swap would have been so much more fun!
I would be proud to receive one of your doodles to have "fun" with!