Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursdays fun on Friday!!

Hello!! Please excuse the crazy posts here there and everywhere.. have strayed from our schedule here a little bit... but hope to be back on track in a couple of weeks... AFTER PAPERIFIC!

But for today I have some fun ... remember the fun game we had searching the DT blogs to find the card from the puzzle piece... well I have that game for you again...

Here's the puzzle piece....

Your task is to find the DT member who posted this on their blog...
and tell me...
Who it was??
What stamp it is?
And name another stamp from the same company (also available now at M4M) which this DT member has made some beautiful cards out of!
+ leave a comment for said DT member on her post!

Winner (random choice from right answers) will get a new Copic swatch book!


Gin said...

DT - Tracey
Stamp - Star Boy Luca
Another - Panda


NB: Given you started at the begining before, I thought I'd start at the end this time.... :-P

Therese said...

Heya Sammi :)
The DT member who posted this on their blog was the ever talented Tracey from Booya Girl.
She used the Star Boy Luka and another stamp by La La Land Stamps is Pirate Luka.

kerry d said...

Tracey is the DT and all her work is fantastic,,the stamp is..Star boy Luca and the other stamp is Panda...I'm going back to see more,,hehehe

Mi said...

The DT member is Tracey
The stamp is Star Boy Luca by La-la Land Crafts
The other stamp she used is Panda.
Found this blog today and I must say Its great, found alot of insperation!