Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who am I????

I did miss the DT post yesterday... so I'm combining today and yesterday.... Have a go at guessing who this is!
How well do you know our DT.. does #1 give it away or do you need to go on a little blog hopping??
The comments are private and I will reveal the answer + comments tomorrow!!

*edited to add... Congrats to Honor !!*

Where are you from?
Orginally born in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England, moved to a beautiful village called Stainton-with-Adgarley, England with my DH for 9 years and then we moved to Melbourne Australia five years ago.

How long have you been Mad for Markers?
Started back in November 09 I think, but definitely has to be the longest Mad for Obsession (DH hopes it lasts too lol!)

What was your first collection of markers?
Sorry can’t remember but I know I definitely had purple and orange and not enough in each group to blend the colours.

If you were a Copic what colour would you be?
I would like to invent a new colour called Bright Lavender and be BV27, if not it would be Violet (V09) my Favourate Copic Colour

What/ Who inspires you?
I am inspired by everyone as we all have so many different crafting talents, different techniques, ideas, it is one huge learning curve and so much fun.

What do you like to colour?
My Inky Impressions are my favourite images!

What colour can't you use/ do you not like using?
I find the V section (purples) the most difficult to use, I struggle to blend them, but am getting better with practice, as it is a necessity being my favourite colour!

Are there any colours still on your wishlist?
The new 12 colours coming out in March, the purples and reds are just gorgeous, plus all the others I don’t have lol!

What is your favourite technique?
I wouldn’t say I have a favourite technique, but do enjoy feather blending, love having two different colours merge together.

What do you like to listen to while colouring?
When I colour it is usually in the quiet, I love music but it is my get away from everything time. Where I work it is often noisy from the machinery. Plus I need to concentrate lol!

What do you snack on while colouring?
Don’t snack whilst colouring, my crafting area is outer bounds to food and drinks. Still hasn’t helped with the weight loss lol!

When you first started with Copics what do you wish you knew?
I wish I knew about needing at least three colours from each group within the family as life is so much easier to blend, thank goodness I found this tip as I nearly gave up on them and that would have been VERY VERY SAD! As I wouldn’t be here on this wonderful team!

Who am I???? Please leave a comment revealing who this DT member is??

*ed. the lovely DT member is ANNETTE!!!

Speaking of Design Teams.... .. I know I have let that GDT call I did slip away... I will get onto that tomorrow!