Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Colouring balloons

Good evening! Tonight I am showing you a quick tutorial on colouring balloons... Here is an example card I made using Sophie from Spesch Stamps .. she is available from Spesch as a clear stamp OR as a digi stamp!!

What you will need...
Balloon stamp - I've used Sophie from Spesch Stamps
Memento Ink/ or Copic proof printer ink
Xpress IT blending card

#1 - Stamp the image...

Using a B0000 feather colour in from the edges of the balloon.. then using B000 add a little more colour (feathering in from the edges). Make sure you add colour where the balloon would be showing behind the balloon in front. Then go back to the B0000 and blend across where they meet. Next use the colourless blender to push the colour back from the middle out toward the edges of the balloon... so it looks transparent in the middle.

Next do the balloon that overlaps the previous one.. this has been done in Rv000 and RV00 - It is easiest when starting to attempt the transparent objects/ balloons to start with the low numbered colours!! Use the same technique as the first balloon .. feather in from the outside with the RV000 - overlapping both the colour already laid down + the balloon on the right, then add the Rv00, then blend out with the RV000 and then push out from the middle with the Colourless blender!

And again with BV0000, BV000 and 0

then to add the extra effect of the light hitting, transparency .. use either a white gel pen or Copic Opaque White with a fine paintbrush (I am living the Opaque White at the moment!)

(I need to get a finer brush - but you get the idea!)

Here is the finished result... ready to have the rest of the image coloured, as you can see I drew her pupils in (tutorial on eyes can be found here!) and added some Opaque white there too!

Here is another example.. this is out of my Copic Club journal from last Friday!

We'd love to see your coloured balloons... If you try this out please leave us a comment here so that we can come and have a look! :D

Happy Colouring!


Therese said...

Thanks for sharing Sammi! Do you sell the Copic Opaque White paint thing?

CardArTart said...

Those balloons look great! I just got this stamp and was struggling with balloons (of course I'm not using copics). You have done the dress different to how I did too. I did creases vertically and you've done them horizontally. (I like your way better :))

Tracey Feeger said...

Great tutorial Sammi. Love the balloons they look fab.