Saturday, March 27, 2010

Colouring Brunettes - Dark -> Light

I have put together a couple of tutorials on colouring brunettes. I am not Copic Certified, this is just the way I like to colour hair in :D These are the colours I prefer at the moment:
E37, E35, E33, E31

I start with the darkest colour (E37), colouring the parts of the hair that would have the least light hitting it... the part and around the edge of the face/ neck. I like to go around the outside edge too. I leave sections in the middle for the lighter colours (and highlights).

Then take the next colour in the list (E35) and colour in small circles, over the top of the darker colour and outwards on the white.

Then move on to the next colour (E33) and do the same... colour over the colour already laid down + a bit more of the white.

then take the lightest marker (E31) and do the same again .. small circles, blending into the colour already laid down.

I then work my way back up again... adding a bit more colour to make it darker/ blend it in more. So back to the E33...

and up to the E37

It's not quite blended in as much as I'd like so I go back the other way again... This could go on for a while... I go up and down, back and forward till I'm happy with the final result. So in this case... E35

I then jump back down 2 colours to the E31

and then the blender pen to push the colour back in where I've gone outside the lines and also just to remove a little of the colour where the highlights are.... I just go over those sections with very light circles OR sometimes just a quick brush stroke across!

and Voila!! A Brunette!!

The stamp is Miss Anya from the Greeting Farm's Rain, Snow, Shine Anya. I purchased these here in Australia at the Stamp Spot :D


Merry said...

What a fantastic tutorial thanks so much. I have an award over my way just to say thanks for visiting. :-)

Jackie Thomas said...

fantastic tutorial Sammi. Thanks for sharing. xo Jackie

Kylie said...

Thanks Sammi. Gorgeous!

Sue said...

Great tutorial thanks Sammi.
Sue x