Friday, November 11, 2011

Keeping a Copic journal (+ some Friday fun)

It's a Great idea to keep a Copic journal ... a great way to keep a record of those favourite Copic combinations! Do you keep a Copic journal??

We thought we'd make it a little easier for you and have made up some little journals (just under A6 size) that you can use as a Copic journal... these are made using Xpress It blending card and have 50 sheets in them! You can now pick yours up in the store :)

I am using one as a record of all the stamps I own... so I will stamp them all (OK maybe I "might" need more than one lol) then colour them in using different colours and techniques...

Below is an example of how these pages do and will look... This was actually done on a separate sheet of Xpress It as I was demo'ing how to colour an image stamped in PALE ink using this gorgeous Sweet Thinking Mae stamp (from Some Odd Girl)

Now for the fun bit of todays post... Do you keep a Copic journal?? If so please leave a link to some piccies for us in the comments below... as it's always fun to get new ideas and see others Copic/ art journals :) You never know there might be a random gift out there for someone who shares their Copic journal ideas with us!!


Annmaree of Oz said...

wow that looks amazing!!!!

You have me addicted to those new stamps! and I love the colouring with no lines! fabulous!

Tricia Williams said...

Fantastic IDEA!!!! Copic Journal :O)

ros said...

I love this....i try and keep a journal but havent succeeded. I seem to have bits of papers scattered around, or i will think to myself 'i love that colour combo better add that to my list'. Of course i never do :)

Anonymous said...

I had a entire message typed out and it disappeared ? AWESOME!!!

I love my copic journal. I'm running out of room and was working on an 8x8 but had a computer virus and had to rebuild my computer from the ground up ! UGH!!!

Here is the link to my copic journal. I cant wait to see what other people have done with theirs.