Thursday, February 9, 2012

Copic Color Combo's Journal

I have been writing Copic color combo's down here, there and everywhere, but of course I could never find what I had done with the pieces of paper. So, I have started to keep a Copic Journal of color combo's I like. The hope is that eventually it is nice and full and when I am looking for some color combos I can just flick through my book and there I will find the color combo I am looking for.

Here is my first page in my Copic Color Journal. Of course I have done Red Hair Combos first, I do have a house full of red heads, including myself, So thought this was the perfect first page!

We would love to hear how you keep all your Copic Color Combo's. Do you have pages here, there and everywhere or do you have some sort of system going?

I will make sure to show you my next page when it is done.

Happy Colouring! Oh and for those people who are after the new 2012 Copic Sketch Colors I have it on very good authority that they have arrived in the store today, so make sure to head over to the M4M store and get yours!


Lou said...

Your Journal pages look amazing, ever since i started coloring with copics i have kept records on various bits of paper too, hehe, i also have a book, no where near as pretty as yours (i can't colour half as well as you but i am practising) because i use pro=markers as well i keep a record of those (i must admit i prefer copics) I think i will be making a pretty book too now that i have seen yours, your colouring is fabulous and its great seeing what combos you use
this is a link to my blog page that shows my hints and tips colouring book!
Looking forward to seeing your next project Lou x

JLJ Designs said...

I have been thinking about a color journal too. I love what you've done here with putting several color combos on one page.

I also want to learn more about red hair. I haven't successfully colored it myself.

Leanne said...

This is awesome Emma! Love it!

Michelle said...

I have 3 copic journals...but now I want to do another one in a smash journal like yours. So cool!

Christines Creative Capers said...

Emma - you have inspired me - I really should keep a journal...wonder if I can make mine look as great as yours!! ;)

Tania Gould said...

Came across your blog via Pinterest and just wanted to say that your journal idea is a fantastic idea - you have inspired me!