Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's around the Web Wednesday

"What's around the Web Wednesday" is a new spot here at M4M.. well for today at least and we will see where it goes from here... it could also be "What did you do with that Digi Wednesday" ... as you might have seen I have been doing a fair bit of sketching lately... and have given away a couple of freebies... I was so thrilled the other day when Leah emailed me a card she made using Back to school Eva :) here it is! Thanks for sharing your lovely card with us Leah!! :D I love the bright colours of this and the sentiment is awesome!!

****NEWS FLASH **** Now I also wanted to alert you all to the fact that very soon around the web... right here at Mad for Markers there will be BIG BIRTHDAY Celebrations.... Mad for Markers will be 2 years old.. whoo hoo!! To Celebrate and thank all the followers and customers over the last couple of years we are having a month long party... starting on 22 Feb (the date the business name was registered) .. .all the way through until the 22 March (the date the webstore went live) .. and there just might (um... err "will") be some NEW images available, games to play, blogs to visit, and of course what is a party without some some candy to celebrate :)

I have done up a blog badge to advertise the party.... please feel free to post this on your blogs :)


leahd said...

Thanks Sammi for including my card on your blog, i have only been using Copics for about 12 months now and its the first time EVER i have had one of my creations displayed, thanks for sharing your sketches they are wonderful, THANKYOU

leahd said...

Also cant wait for the party to start.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to help you celebrate.
Hip hip hooray from Samone