Thursday, April 11, 2013

a Great Show

We went to the Show last week and had a great time meeting new people and seeing old customers and friends too!! Here are a couple of pictures from the show... First up is the stand... it was a bit of a surprise to turn up and have the stand much bigger than we expected.. the stand next to us didn't end up coming so we got their space too... It did mean we had more room to move about which was lovely! Although seeing as we have been in clearout Copic and Stamp mode we didn't have an enornmous amount to SPREAD out!

The lovely Gin is demo'ing here and Graham (my wonderful Dad) is at the till! BIG thanks to both of you for your help with the show! Made things heaps more manageable for me :D And also to my DH, Guy who I could not have done anything without!! :D

Here (below) is the display tree... the images on the leaves were stamps we still had available to buy.... Yes we do still have  a few stamps left so will be working out what to do with those SOON! :) Might have to have a few giveaways! :D

Whilst we confused many people with the announcement we were closing and then still being here in one form we are pushing forward with our resources and Digital stamps, so we no longer sell Copics... just how to use them and inspirational magazines as well as fun and cute images to print and colour!

This NEW (plastic comb bound) book was launched at the show... and is available in PDF now in the store.. and will also be available as a Hardcopy NEXT week ...

and that's the news for today!

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