Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stuff by Sammi :: Paper Dolls

Hello everyone... Today I am excited to reveal that I have something new in the store...  I don't know about you but I have fond childhood memories of playing with paper dolls and so I have created....

Digital files of Paper dolls.... which you can print and colour and cut then use them on projects or even give them away as gifts :D

Here are all the Dolls... printed, coloured and cut out...

Oh .... and like all paperdolls you can dress them up in a number of different outfits... There are currently 2 girl and 2 boy outfits BUT I will do some more SOON! :)

I had a little naming game on facebook and so from left to right these characters are:
Rhys, Pippi, Taya, Ryan, Archie and Brianna
 the original name suggesters will receive an original paper doll!!

Below is another project I have created... which shows the versatility of the images...as you can see you can print onto different patterned paper and paperpiece the dolls to create your own character

So many options....  I added the images to my Silhouette software and traced them to create cut files.. and so I just  print and cut them on my cameo ... which is of course much EASIER than fussy cutting ... but I have also fussy cut some of them and it's not too horrible! lol! I will not be selling the dot studio files on my site as it's not allowed but I am looking into how to make them available as other cut files. Watch this space!

One more thing I will be offering soon... is I will sell the Paperdolls as completed projects... so if you are not the crafty type but like the idea then you can still purchase them for yourself or some young children in your life! :D I think I will have to send a few to some young kidlets I know and see how they like them! tee hee!! This is Taya printed out and then cut on the Cameo.... she is almost A4 size!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you love the paper dolls as much as I do and I  can't wait to see what you do with them!!

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