Friday, December 16, 2011

Colouring images for Christmas cards

How are your Christmas cards going?? do you make your own? Do you colour images or use other stamps ... I always have the best intentions.. wanting to give handmade, handcoloured cards but often then never get finished... anyway, in an attempt to do this ... I have spent the best part of the day colouring images to stick on Christmas cards... and as I always write my colours used on scraps and then lose the scraps I've decided (from seeing others take pics of their markers) that this is a great idea.. so each image gets a pic taken with it.. and I combined this exercise with my love of the Instagram app to create some "arty shots"? Anyway it's a good record of the colours used so later when I photograph the card I will be able to blog which colours I used without having to stretch my memory too far!

whilst sharing some Instagram pics I thought I would show you the mess on my desk as I attempt to complete these creations....


Stamping Seasons said...

Very cool Sammi.
Have a wonderful Christmas Hun.

Shanna Shands said...

Your desk looks just like mine :)

osirisandloki said...

that is a good idea sammi! i always seem to forget to do this as i am in such a hurry to finish my card before the baby wakes up!